Community Guidelines and Rules

In order to maintain a secure and stable environment for everyone, MCPAID.COM (“MCPaid”, “we”, “us”, “our”) has devised a series of rules which must be followed when using MCPaid’s applications, websites, and systems (collectively “services”) by the utilizers of our services (“members”, “users”, “you”, “your”).

MCPaid follows the United States federal laws. By registering on this site, every member agrees to adhere to those laws and the following bylaws:

1 - Forum Rules

1.1 - Rule Breaking & Circumvention
1.1.1 - Do not promote or encourage the violation of any of our rules or TOS.
1.1.2 - Members should always listen to staff; any orders given by staff are considered final unless stated otherwise. If you think a staff member is acting inappropriately, notify an administrator immediately.
1.1.3 - All purchases made on MCPaid are final, irreversible, and nonrefundable. Charging back on, or otherwise reversing, any purchase from MCPaid will result in a ban.
1.1.4 - Staff decisions are final, if you disagree with a decision that has been made then please submit a support ticket.

1.2 - Report Systems
1.2.1 - Do not abuse any of our report systems.
1.2.2 - Do not report a member for a reason of which has already been rejected.

1.3 - Personal Attacks
1.3.1 - Members may not spam, harass, troll, defame, or cause harm to members or staff in any way. This includes trashing threads.
1.3.2 - You may not share any information considered private by other individuals unless you have received their consent. This rule does not apply to domain WHOIS data or any other public information.
1.3.3 - Impersonation of users is considered a form of identity theft, a crime that can be severely punished by fines or imprisonment in the United States. Likewise, MCPaid does not tolerate impersonation.

1.4 - Account Creation
1.4.1 - You may not create multiple accounts; if you would like to create a separate account for a business identity, please use our business account system.
1.4.2 - If your site access has been restricted (ie. account banned/suspended), you may not create another account.
1.4.3 - All accounts created on the MCPaid Forums cannot be deleted. Accounts can be hidden through privacy settings.
1.4.4 - The creation of alternative accounts to make oneself look trustworthy through vouches, feedback, reputation, or reactions is strictly prohibited and may result in the modification of feedback.

1.5 - Content Restrictions
1.5.1 - You may not post any Homophobic and anti-LGBTQ+ content; if you are unsure whether something would violate this rule, contact staff.
1.5.2 - You may not post any pornographic or NSFW content; if you are unsure whether something would violate this rule, contact staff.
1.5.3 - You may not post any Racist or discriminating content; if you are unsure whether something would violate this rule, contact staff.
1.5.4 - You may not post any Click-baiting or shocking content; if you are unsure whether something would violate this rule, contact staff.
1.5.5 - Only post in English, if you are a non-English speaker then we advise you to post results from Google Translate and include your original text in a spoiler.
1.5.6 - Products, software, services, and guides in which are related to financial, direct consumer, and/or identity fraud may not be distributed using services provided by MCPaid.
1.5.7 - Illegal downloads, including torrents, keygens, or any form of pirated software is not allowed on MCPaid. This includes links to or uploads of illegal content.
1.5.8 - The posting of money making methods, public or private, is strictly prohibited and is subject to deletion and punishment to the user posting this material.
1.5.9 - The MCPaid platform and services may not be utilized to distribute products, software, services, and guides in which are meant to be, or generally utilized to commit the unauthorized overwhelming and/or attacking of systems.
1.5.10 - Malware (or anything meant to harm a user or his/her computer) is not tolerated. This includes links and files uploaded via Resource Manager or as an attachment.

1.6 - Post Quality
1.6.1 - “GLWS” or alike posts are discouraged and we encourage you to use the ratings in place of this.
1.6.2 - Content spoiling or leaking details about popular and trending movies and tv shows is not allowed without forewarning.
1.6.3 - “Goodbye” or parting from the community posts are prohibited.
1.6.4 - Replying on threads that haven't been posted on for over 2 months is considered necro-posting and simply resurfaces old content. Necro-posting can result in a warning.
1.6.5 - Trashing one's threads includes posting information that is irrelevant to the topic of discussion, or purposely defaming the user(s) who have posted in the said thread. Trashing threads is strictly prohibited.
1.6.7 - Do not create spam threads / posts.
1.6.8 - Do not intentionally post in the wrong section and when possible report any threads that may be in the wrong section.
1.6.9 - Vouch copies (VCs) may only be requested through private messages if and only if the thread creator has specified they are providing them. VCs requested on a thread are considered low-quality posting and will be deleted.

1.7 - Content Advertising
.7.1 - Advertising MCPaid competitors (i.e. other Marketplaces) is prohibited on communications services controlled or run by MCPaid.
1.7.2 - Posting of referral links, advertisements or similar schemes is strictly prohibited.
1.7.3 - No masked advertisement links (,, etc.); referral links are allowed as long as they do not mask the target content in any way.
1.7.4 - Inappropriate, excessive or unwanted advertising is unnecessary and discouraged.

1.8 - Contacting Staff
1.8.1 - Do not randomly mention/add staff to conversations or threads to gain their attention.
1.8.2 - Do not request staff to give specific infractions to anyone or yourself, instead use the report or support system.
1.8.3 - Staff generally have the final say, if you do not agree with a decision that a staff member has made then we encourage you to let us know via a support ticket.
1.8.4 - Contact staff through the appropriate on-site systems (reports, support section, private message), if you request support via non-encouraged systems then you may not receive a response.

1.9 - Reputation System
1.9.1 - It is encouraged that you to leave an honest and detailed reputation after completing a deal with a member.
1.9.2 - Inciting, begging, requesting and offering reputation is strictly prohibited.
1.9.3 - Requiring reputation in order to do a deal with a user is not allowed, you may ask but not expect it after a deal has been completed.
1.9.4 - You may only leave positive and negative reputation in exchange for a deal, any other comments should be left as an 'Other' reputation with a 'Neutral' rating.
1.9.5 - Repeated abuse of the reputation system (re-adding, changing, spamming) will lead to your use of it being restricted.
1.9.6 - Moderators may remove your negative/positive reputation if no proof of deal is included - this can be a thread, payment or screenshot.

1.10 - Business Accounts
1.10.1 - Do not post content unrelated to the business that the account represents and it’s clients.
1.10.2 - Do not post content containing personal opinions while using a business account.
1.10.3 - Do not post content where the user posting on behalf of the business is not made clear.
1.10.4 - Do not abuse your business account.
1.10.5 - Do not react to or respond to content created by any personal accounts associated with the business account.
1.10.6 - Do not double rep with the business account or rep users of the business account with the business account or vice versa.

1.11 - Resources
1.11.1 Resources must act as described in the description. MCPaid reserves the right to take down any resource at any time without warning
1.11.2 All programs will be inspected upon submission. We do not permit the uploading of obfuscated or masked programs, plugins, or executables.
1.11.3 Do not submit resources whose download is not and does not function as described.
1.11.4 Do not attempt to distribute services, external links, or ads via resources. Your download must contain the product.
1.11.5 Do not submit resources so low in quality that it could potentially harm any of our members’ hardware/data.
1.11.6 Do not submit resource updates which do not contain significant improvements, with the intention of bumping.
1.11.7 Do not attempt to sell/leak or otherwise redistribute content which is not both unique and owned by you.

1.12 - Giveaways
1.12.1 - Giveaways must have a specified duration or end date.
1.12.2 - Asking for any kind of favour in exchange for a giveaway is not allowed.
1.12.3 - Do not post giveaways that you are unable to provide the prize for.
1.12.4 - Giveaway winners must be chosen fairly using a generator, see our guide on this.
1.12.5 - A winner must be announced on the thread before marking it as completed.
1.12.6 - Giveaways duration or end date must be reasonable and not exceed 2-4 weeks.

1.14 - Shoutbox
1.14.1 - You may only advertise your service every 20 minutes to an individual unless they are interested. Your previous advertisement(s) must also not be visible by scrolling up 25 messages in the shoutbox.
1.14.2 - Do not advertise products and services which you yourself do not own, have the right to redistribute, or which has previously been advertised in the last 20 minutes.
1.14.3 - Spamming or flooding the chat with messages is not allowed.
1.14.4 - No mention spamming, message spamming, or spamming. Spamming can result in a mute, kick, or in the worst case, a ban
1.14.5 - Large paragraphs of text should be kept to the forums or took to private conversations.
1.14.6 - Arguments should be kept to the appropriate channels or took to private conversations.
1.14.7 - Do not attempt to start flame wars. Virtually anything that violates rule 1.2 is not allowed in the shoutbox.
1.14.8 - All services advertised must be yours and must be a service available on MCPaid in the form of a thread. External links acting as advertisements may not be advertised unless they are in the service thread advertised.
1.14.9 - No masked links in the shoutbox (, tinyurl, etc.)
1.14.10 - Any sort of message automation within the shoutbox is forbidden.

1.15 - Ratings
1.15.1 - Asking for ratings is strictly disallowed.
1.15.2 - Do not spam the rating feature, this includes giving excessive amounts of ratings to one user.
1.15.3 - Do not post content in which a rating already exists for, for example if you agree with a user then use the rating rather than informing them via a post.

1.16 - Bugs & Exploits
1.16.1 - In the event that you believe you have found a bug or exploit, please report it to us via a support ticket or email, testing bugs and exploits without permission or reasonable forewarning is forbidden.

2 - Discord Rules

2.1 - Behaviour
2.1.1 - Spamming or flooding the chat with messages is not allowed.
2.1.2 - Large paragraphs of text should be kept to the forums or took to private conversations.
2.1.3 - Arguments should be kept to the appropriate channels or took to private conversations.
2.1.4 - Your behaviour must abide by the Discord terms of service.
2.1.5 - Respect each other, everybody has different opinions and being able to express them is good.
2.1.6 - Sending private messages to users without reason or asking prior is not allowed.
2.1.7 - Trolling or being a general nuisance is discouraged.
2.1.8 - Racist, Homophobic, anti-LGBT+ or any other form of discriminating content has no place in our server.
2.1.9 - Pornographic and sexual content should be posted elsewhere, not our server.

2.2 - Advertising
2.2.1 - Advertising links, websites or discord invites without staff permission is not allowed unless in context of the conversation.
2.2.2 - Any form of advertisement to members in our server via private conversation is not allowed.

2.3 - Bots
2.3.1 - Using self / user bots is not allowed.
2.3.2 - Spamming commands of our bots is not allowed.

2.4 - Voice
2.4.1 - Repeatedly joining channels and switching channels will result in your use of the voice chats being limited.
2.4.2 - Playing sound boards and music through your microphone is not allowed if other users do not want it.
2.4.3 - Annoying and high pitched noises are strictly not allowed.
2.4.4 - Voice altering software is not allowed.

2.5 - Support
2.5.1 - Use the on-site support tickets, suggestions, reports and other systems to contact staff.
2.5.2 - Staff may refuse to help you via Discord and instead forward you to the appropriate on-site system.
2.5.3 - Try not to tag or private message staff unless it's absolutely necessary.

2.6 - Bugs & Exploits
2.6.1 - In the event that you believe you have found a bug or exploit, please report it to us via a support ticket or email, testing bugs and exploits without permission or reasonable forewarning is forbidden.

We often update our rules to keep them up to date with our ever-growing community and the constantly changing marketplace, for the sake of transparency we like to inform the community when we update them.
Last updated: 20th May 2019