The following rules apply to the shoutbox and are expected to be followed when utilizing the shoutbox.

2.1 All global rules apply to the shoutbox.

2.2 Any sort of message automation within the shoutbox is forbidden

2.3 You may only advertise your service every 15 minutes, and you may not advertise your service unless it is off the visible (scrolled) chat page.

2.4 Colors used in the chat should not be flashy and should always remain readable on both light and dark themes.

2.5 Do not attempt to start flame wars. Virtually anything that violates rule 1.1 is not allowed in the shoutbox.

2.6 No mention spamming, message spamming, or spamming. Spamming can result in a mute, kick, or in the worst case, a ban.

2.7 No masked links in the shoutbox (, tinyurl, etc.); this includes rule 1.16

2.8 All services advertised must be yours and must be a service available on Virtual Trades in the form of a thread. External links acting as advertisements may not be advertised unless they are in the service thread advertised.

2.9 Do not attempt to contact staff members for non-shoutbox related staff things via the shoutbox. Use support tickets/reports.

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