Terms of Service and Rules

MCPaid Official Rules

(All of these rules can result in a perm ban if broken often)
Last Updated: 9/30/2017

0. MCPaid reserves the right to modify any of these rules at any time.
1. Do not spam the forums or shoutbox. If you want your thread moved, do NOT re-create it. Report it asking it to be moved. [Punishment: Verbal warning, if out of hand short temp ban]
2. Swearing is allowed, yet do not be very obnoxious with it. [Punishment: Warning points]
3. Do not be toxic [Punishment: Warning points]
4. You MUST associate your account before posting a thread selling it. [Punishment: Thread deletion/locked]
5. Do not scam or attempt to scam anyone. [Punishment: Permanent ban]
6. If you believe you have been scammed or claim someone is a scammer, do not devouch without making a scam report. [Punishment: Verbal warning]
7. Do not log on anyone's account that is not yours. [Punishment: Permanent ban or 6 months if account owner decides to forgive you]
8. You must have permission to sell your product, and must provide proof if asked by a MCPaid staff member. [Punishment: 3 month ban]
9. Do not trash anyones thread with stuff like 'Im cheaper' or 'xxxfakealts.com is higher quality'. DWC and devouches are fine if you show proof to why. [Punishment: Warning points, 7 day ban if repeated]
10. You may not have any alternate accounts unless this is an account for your business! You must also notify the owner (@Joey) for approval. [Punishment: Alt account being perm banned]