Looking for some graphic designers for a video game

Discussion in 'Development' started by Kaotic, Dec 11, 2019.

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    Hello im Xeroid, I am going to try to make a story telling video game that will be 2D. But I am looking for a team of 2 to help out me develop my game.
    You will not be paid straight up due to this being a long term thing.
    But ill try to pay you a little bit at a time and share some of the profit whenever we release.
    This game will not release on steam due to $100 fee. It will be released on a indie game website. This will be developed on a paid engine called S2Engine to avoid any troubles.

    I just need graphic designers that would start out free then agree to be paid every little bit.

    Aspects of the game:

    Hentai anime game
    Story line (Will get little help from one of my friends)
    Descent graphics such anime artwork

    DM Me on discord:
    Kaotic#1000 (Subject to Change when my nitro goes out)​