⭐️SimplyMines ⚒ 1.8-1.13 ⭐️ 0.2.1

The ultimate mine generation plugin.

  1. Leo
    This is a plugin used to create mines typically found within prison servers. My goal with this plugin is to allow people to easily create mines and hopefully build up features as this plugin grows. I also plan to higher up the price point once more features come.

    Current Features:

    • NEW! PlaceholderAPI & HolographicDisplays placeholders.
    • NEW! PreMineResetEvent & MineResetEvent (Developers)
    • Use WorldEdit or the built in tool for region selections. (Set worldedit to true in the config if you want to use it).
    • Easily setup mines in-game or within the mines file.
    • Mine automatically resets based on percentage mined.
    • Fully editable chat messages.
    These are the placeholders for HolographicDisplays and PlaceholderAPI, replace MINE-NAME with the mines name which MUST BE LOWERCASE.
    • %simplymines_mine_percentage_broken_MINE-NAME% - Displays how filled the mine as a percentage.
    • %simplymines_mine_percentage_needed_MINE-NAME% - Shows how much percentage the mine is needed to reset.
    Configuration Files
      - '&3&lSimplyMines &7(Help Page &f1&7)'
      - '&b/{LABEL} create <name> &e- &7Create a mine.'
      - '&b/{LABEL} reset <mine> &e- &7Reset a mine.'
      - '&b/{LABEL} delete <mine> &e- &7Delete a mine from existance.'
      - '&b/{LABEL} setblock <mine> <block> <percentage> &e- &7Add/edit a blocks percentage
        in a mine.'
      - '&b/{LABEL} removeblock <mine> <block> &e- &7Remove a block from appearing in
        a mine..'
      - '&3&lSimplyMines &7(Help Page &f2&7)'
      - '&b/{LABEL} setsafepoint <mine> &e- &7Set the area to teleport to once the mine
      - '&b/{LABEL} setpercentage <mine> &e- &7Set the percentage for the mine to reset
      - '&b/{LABEL} info <mine> &e- &7View a GUI of basic information of a mine.'
      - '&b/{LABEL} list &e- &7View a list of registered mines.'
      - '&b/{LABEL} reload &e- &7Reload the plugin and its configuration files.'
      invalid-block: '&c&lERROR &fThat block is not valid.'
        no-region: '&c&lERROR &fYou do not have a selection with worldedit.'
        given: '&a&lINFO &fYou have been given a region tool.'
        is-null: '&c&lERROR &fYour selection is null.'
        pos1: '&a&lINFO &fYou have set pos1 &7({LOCATION})'
        pos2: '&a&lINFO &fYou have set pos2 &7({LOCATION})'
        cant-place: '&c&lERROR &fYou cannot place a block in a mine.'
        deleted: '&a&lINFO &fYou have successfully the &a{MINE_NAME} &fmine.'
        removed-block: '&a&lINFO &fYou have removed &a{BLOCK} &ffrom &a{MINE_NAME}&f.'
        set-block: '&a&lINFO &fYou have added &a{BLOCK} &fat &a{PERCENTAGE}%&f.'
        created: '&a&lINFO &fThe mine has been created.'
        percentage-set: '&a&lINFO &fYou have set a new percentage for the mine to reset.'
        reset: '&a&lINFO &fThe mine is resetting, teleporting to the safe point.'
        no-permission: '&c&lERROR &fYou do not have the required permission to mine here.'
        name-taken: '&c&lERROR &fThe mine name is already taken.'
        reset-forced: '&a&lINFO &fYou have forcefully reset the mine.'
        safe-point-set: '&a&lINFO &fYou have set the mines safepoint to you location.'
        not-found: '&c&lERROR &fMine was not found.'
          none: '&c&lERROR &fThere are no registered mines.'
          values: '&b- &f{MINE_NAME}'
          header: '&bList Of Registered Mines'
      plugin-reloaded: '&a&lINFO &fYou have reloaded the plugin and files.'
      no-permission: '&c&lERROR &fYou do not have the required permission to use that
    #You can either use the built in /regiontool or WorldEdit's wand.
    Use-WorldEdit: false
    #Whether or not to allow the placing of blocks in a mine.
    place-blocks-permission: "simplymines.setting.place-blocks"
    #Check if a player has the permission to mine in a mine.
    #The default permission is: simplymines.mine.{MINE_NAME}
    per-mine-permission: true
    #Inject placeholders from this plugin.
    holographicdisplays: false
    placeholderapi: false
    #The built in tool for our regions.
      material: STICK
        name: "&bSelection Tool"
          - "&7Left-Click to select pos1"
          - "&7Right-Click to select pos2"

    • /mine help
      • Permission: simplymines.command
      • Description: Displays the help menu.

    • /mine create <name>
      • Permission: simplymines.command.create
      • Description: Creates a new mine based on your selections.
    • /mine delete <mine>
      • Permission: simplymines.command.delete
      • Description: Delete a registered mine.
    • /mine reset <mine>
      • Permission: simplymines.command.reset
      • Description: Reset a mine.
    • /mine setblock <mine> <block> <percentage>
      • Permission: simplymines.command.setblock
      • Description: Add/Edit a blocks percentage in a mine.
    • /mine removeblock <mine> <block>
      • Permission: simplymines.command.removeblock
      • Description: Remove a block from a mine.
    • /mine setsafepoint <mine>
      • Permission: simplymines.command.setsafepoint
      • Description: Sets the mine safepoint to your current location.
    • /mine setpercentage <mine> <percentage>
      • Permission: simplymines.command.setpercentage
      • Description: Sets the mines percentage to reset at.
    • /mine info <mine>
      • Permission: simplymines.command.info
      • Description: Brings up a GUI for information about a mine.
    • /mine setpermission <mine> <permission>
      • Permission: simplymines.command.setpermission
      • Description: Set the permission needed to be able to mine in the block.
    • /mine list
      • Permission: simplymines.command.list
      • Description: Lists all the registered mines.
    • /mine reload
      • Permission: simplymines.command.reload
      • Description: Reloads the plugin and configuration files.
    • /regiontool
      • Permission: simplymines.command.regiontool
      • Description: Get the built in tool for selecting a region.

    • simplymines.* | simplymines.admin
      • Access to every command
      • Access to every mine
    Bugs, issues, suggestions etc
    If you come across any bugs or issues when using this plugin, you should contact me on discord Leoo#0002 Please do not use the reviews for reporting this stuff.
    Also if you have any suggestions feel free to PM me, I will be trying my best to ensure I keep updating this plugin.
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