Official General Improvements and Updates

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Jun 12, 2017
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We've introduced many changes to provide a more pleasurable experience to all community members, increase security, and more.

Staff Changes
  • Marc A has resigned as Administrator
  • PCPSells Has been promoted to Moderator
  • Dawson Has been promoted to Administrator

Security Enhancements
  • Repeated attempts to login will now cause the account to get temporarily locked.
  • Higher password standards have been set.
  • You will now receive an email if a new IP has been used while logging in.
  • All IPs that have been used to login to your account can now be viewed in your account settings.

Site Tweaks and Updates
  • Upgraded the forums from 1.5.21 to 1.5.22.
  • A Paypal connection error has been resolved.
  • Error when purchasing a resource has been resolved.
  • Error when creating a paid resource has been resolved.
  • Removed custom node icons.
  • Moved the accounts section under the Marketplace node.
  • Created a hosting forum under the Services node.
  • Moved the Discussion Node above Marketplace.
  • Created a general, music & audio, minecraft servers, and tutorials forums in the discussion node.
  • Removed Rate my server forum.
  • Added a thread starter ribbon feature.
  • Removed profile post from the sidebar.
  • Added recent threads to the sidebar.

  • Changed theme color from Green to Blue (Munsell).
  • The dark theme has been temporarily disabled. We are currently working on a redesign to make it look more professional instead of thrown together.
  • Removed all legacy themes.

Account Security Advisement
Make sure that your account password is secure and does not contain any dictionary words. You are responsible for your own account.
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